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Access To The Course

Course access is available to all patrons with a general admission ticket. Patrons are to stay outside the ropes and follow the marshal’s instructions when crossing the fairways at the designated crossing points.


Fans are recommended to get autographs just outside the score recording area. Please do not approach the players while they are playing.

Mobile Phones

Patrons are required to turn their phones OFF or put to SILENT whilst on course.

Digital/Video Cameras

Flash photography, video and audio recording, including flying of drones, are strictly prohibited at the event. Guests are expected to observe proper golf etiquette at all times.

Draw Sheets

As part of the event’s green agenda, daily draw sheets will not be printed. Please view the daily draw on the event website.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event that inclement weather approaches the golf course, rules officials will sound air horns to suspend play. Please seek shelter immediately and avoid the following – open areas, hill tops and high places, isolated trees, golf carts, wire fences and TV towers.


The information booth is located at the Main Entrance. Lost and found items may be enquired about here.

Medical Services

A doctor and an ambulance will be on standby throughout the tournament. Please approach event officials of the Sentosa Golf Club for further assistance.


In the event of a playoff, players will play the 18th hole until a result is achieved.

Stay Sun Smart

During the tournament please ensure you are sun smart. Wear sunscreen, a hat and protective clothing.

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